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What is Info-Marketing? (See Sample Demographic Profile Here)

Info-Marketing is a Powerful Hybrid of Target Marketing and Information Sales Techniques I have developed over the past 2 years. The Goal of Info-Marketing is to build a Quality Prospect Database of Clients by mixing vital Information into all your Marketing and Promotional Materials. See Samples

The Traditional Advertising mediums have become less and less effective over the past few years. We poor consumers have been bombarded and no longer respond to even the most expensive campaigns.

Over 3,000 Advertisements a day! (How many do you remember?) The Point is - none of us See or Hear these Advertising Messages any longer! And yet, the Advertiser (You) has to continue to promote every week to survive - Even though the audience has completely Tuned Out!

The Reason for this is due to the PASSIVE Nature of this Relationship.

Along comes the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The Audience (Your Customers) now have a way to seek out and respond to only those businesses they decided will benefit them. The audience is now in control of the equation. They are therefore no longer passive. The Inter-Active Internet audience is fully AWAKE.

We are now living in the Information Age.

"Information" is what makes this age Click.

90% of the Webs Popularity is due to the fact that online seekers can find what THEY want instead of what is pushed in front of them.

The Internet is a Free Information Medium. Every-One who has a computer Benefits from this wonderful Inter-Active Exchange. (There has Never been anything like it!)

In all of your advertising and marketing campaigns you must NOT ignore this mind-shift. You must engage, educate, or amuse your new audience on his own turf....His very own Home.

It is logical therefore to conclude that the more valuable the information you offer - the more easily it can be distributed. Once the information is properly packaged, then the real work begins – finding the best ways to get it to the customer with your little advertisement attached.

This is the Essence of Info-Marketing.

You must determine where those potential clients gather both On-line and Off-line the and how to utilize the wonderful Web in order to bring the audience to that little piece of ground you call your business place.

This gives you a Double Advantage in your Promotional Strategies. Here's how it works...*Calculate your Profit margin per sale by 2% of 5000. (A Very low response.) If Your Profit per sale is $25.00 X 90 Sales that's $2250.00 TOTAL Profit. A 5% response is 6000 dollars! The cost of 5000 Promotional pieces mailed to 5000 Local leads is approximately $2000.00 Total

Local Marketing / Advertising / Promotion / Sample Demographic Profile

Neighborhood Information / Las Vegas, NV / General Demographic Profile Top of Page

City / State

Las Vegas, NV

National Average

Population of Las Vegas:



Median Age:

33.86 years

36.00 years

Median Household Income:



Percentage of Single Households:



Percentage of Married Households:



Percentage Families
(households with children):



Average Household Size:

2.46 people

4.05 people

Percentage College or Better:



Percentage White Collar:



Cost of Living Top of Page


Las Vegas, NV

National Average

Cost of Living Index:



Average Yearly Utility Cost:



Average Household Total Consumer Expenditures:

$38810.42 per year

$37034.21 per year

Average Household Education Expenditures:

$389.31 per year

$359.07 per year

Average Household Entertainment Expenditures:

$2123.88 per year

$1965.76 per year

Average Household Transportation Expenditures:

$7747.58 per year

$7475.12 per year

Average Household Retail Expenditures:

$18040.92 per year

$16934.35 per year

Average Household Non-Retail Expenditures:

$20769.50 per year

$20096.54 per year

Housing Characteristics


Las Vegas, NV

National Average

Single Family Home Sale Price Index:



Percent Homes Owner Occupied:



Average Dwelling Size:

4 rooms

4.54 rooms

Quality of Life


Las Vegas, NV

National Average

Average Winter High Temperature:

42.90 degrees

40.70 degrees

Average Winter Low Temperature:

23.06 degrees

19.35 degrees

Average Summer High Temperature:

87.75 degrees

86.40 degrees

Average Summer Low Temperature:

60.09 degrees

62.48 degrees

Average Annual Precipitation:

10.81 inches

37.69 inches

Air Quality Index:



Total Crime Index:


100 (county average)

Personal Crime Index:


100 (county average)

Property Crime Index:


100 (county average)

Culture Index:


86.95 (national average)

DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE Las Vegas, NV 89107 Top of Page

 22.34% of residents in this area fit the following profile:


Median age is 35.6 years.
Many households include school age or adult children.
Represents 4.1 percent of all 1999 U.S. households.
Median household income is $40,500.
Almost a third of the households earn $50,000 or more.
Income reflects the earnings of working couples aged 45-64 years.
Emphasize investments over savings.
Almost 20 percent of the households are drawing retirement income.
Comprised of older, owner occupied single-family homes.


 21.7% of residents in this area fit the following profile: Top of Page


Median age is 40 years.
About 35 percent of the householders are aged 65 or older.
Single-person households account for more than 40 percent of households.
There are few children.
Median household income is $34,900, just slightly higher than the national average.
Many of the householders are retired.
Almost 40 percent receive Social Security; 20 percent are on a pension.
Poverty and unemployment rates are low.
Inclined to save rather than invest.
Two-thirds of the housing is multi-unit and built before 1970.
Home values are average.


 16% of residents in this area fit the following profile: Top of Page


Median age is 32.0.
Two-thirds of the households are couples, most with children (over 50 percent higher than the national average).
33 percent of the population is under the age of 20.
Represents 4.0 percent of 1999 U.S. households.
Most families have two incomes.
Median household income is $41,300.
Less likely to have completed a four-year degree.
Homes are newer, single-family homes built during the 1970s.
Most homes are owner-occupied and valued about 20 percent below the U.S. national average.

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