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"A New Kind of Market ...Requires a New Kind of Marketer"

We Use The Latest Marketing Software, The Best Advertising Networks and over 2500 Pages of Internet Marketing Secrets to Promote our Clients!

(More Direct Marketing / Info-Marketing Methods).

  • Bulk / Targeted -or Opt -In Email Campaigns. (500,000 - 1 million per day.)
  • Email Harvesting, Cleaning and Validation for Targeted Campaigns.
  • Email Software Installation and Instruction.
  • ISP Setups For Intelligent Commercial Bulking.
  • Free Email Accounts –Setup and Maintain.
  • Free / Paid Web Site Hosting Accounts –Setup and Maintain.
  • Cheap Domain Name Registration.
  • Web Site Creation and Optimization, including All Meta Tags. (Html or Flash Sites)
  • Company Logo Creation. (This can save you Hundreds for Dollars!)
  • Web Site Submission and Optimization into Major Databases.
  • Top Web Site Placement in 14 Major Engines and Directories. (First 2-3 Pages )
  • Send Bulk FAXES to 2 Million Businesses.
  • Post Classified Ads to 1500 Online Classified Ad Sites.
  • Post Classified Ads to 1 Million Offline Newspapers.
  • Purchase Group E-Zine Advertising. Subscriber Bases from 10,000-185,000.
  • Post Article Submissions to Hundreds of Newsletters and Online Magazines.
  • Publish / Edit and Deliver Company Newsletters.
  • Place Banners and Click Thru’s on high Traffic Sites.
  • Post to Dozens of Newsgroups. Collect from Newsgroups.
  • Send Press Releases to 28,000 or 130,00 Media Contacts.
  • Online / Offline Bulk Media Buying.Newspapers, Billboards, Magazines, Cable TV, Telemarketing, Radio, Click Thrus, Banner Ads, Network Marketing on a global level...
  • Place Ads in Hundreds of online Bulletin Boards.
  • Do Market Research and Competition Analysis for Niche Marketing.
  • Find Local and National Business Leads via online Databases.
  • Find Business Directories for B2B Marketing.
  • Create Affiliate Programs for your Products or Service.

Any One of These Techniques can bring in More ROI than Conventional Advertising!

These Techniques are considered Guerilla Marketing Tactics and VERY CHEAP!

  • The Average Cost for Direct US Mail is $1.50 per Prospect.
  • On the Net, the cost per prospect is between .01-.25 cents.

The Web is now a 500 million strong Entity with a life and will all its own. Here are 40 MORE Ways we can Promote your Business. (You will receive reports and printed data logs every step of the way.)