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What Is The WEB WISE Guide? The WEB WISE Guide is A FREE Booklet Containing 1,500 of the Most Important and Helpful Web sites on the Net. The first 4 pages feature the 250 Most Useful Las Vegas and Nevada Sites. The second half of the guide is 1250 sites in 50 categories. Most recipients will Refer to this massive amount of information over and over for about a year. We send a new guide every 6 months. Top of Page

The DIFFERENCE between this guide and all other Advertising is this - Like the PHONE BOOK, People will KEEP the WEB WISE Guide for 6 months to a year!

MARKET: Who recieves the Web Wise Guide? We send the Web Wise to 50,000 Residents / Consumers in the 2-4 zip codes surrounding your Local Address. We only sign up 25 Advertisers (All in separate categories) for each. There is an average of 10,000 in each of the 80 Las Vegas, Henderson Zip codes.

DISTRIBUTION: How is Web Wise delivered? We deliver our guides on mondays, wednesdays of fridays via the USPS. We do not bundle the guide with any other co-ops advertising mediums or use disribution points so as not to be thrown out with the junk mail. Every guide is delivered as a stand alone mail piece.

COST: The Rates are as Follows...$3600.00 for a half page per 50,000 delivered. (Includes a Logo a banner, and a single page website. Most people will keep this reference tool for a year. Either way, They will be sent another in 6 months.) This is equal to a whole year of advertising at 10 X the potential response rate!

Again, The DIFFERENCE between The WEB WISE Guide and all other Advertising is this - Most Advertising is disposable with an average 1-5% R.O.I. People will KEEP this guide for 6 months to a year! Top of Page

Categories: Twenty Five exclusive Advertisers are selected per each edition of WebWise. These 20 Advertisers will be branded within their neighborhood and will benefit from their exposure in WebWise for a full year. The Following are the categories of independent and/or franchised businesses that CustoMores believes will benefit most from our new cost effective info-marketing strategy allowing them the competitive edge of attracting customers in their own backyard. CustoMores accepts contracts from 25 Advertisers maximum - all in separate categories - per each 4-Zip Code mailing of 50,000 WebWise Guides giving each Advertiser maximum penetration of their local market. These are general listings only. If you have a store, product, or service that does not appear on our list you may benefit. (Top of Page)

1. Accounting Firm 34, Financial Consultant 67. Optometrist/Vision

2. Air Conditioning 35. Florist Shop 68. Painter

3. Answering Service 36. Furniture Store 69. Pawn Broker

4. Antique Shop 37. Gift Shop 70. Pest Control (Top of Page)

5. Appliance Store 38. Health Food Store 71. Pet Store

6. Architect 39. Health & Fitness Center 72. Photography Studio

7, Attorney 40, Hearing Aid Store 73. Physician - General

8. Auto Dealer 41. Home-Based Business 74. Physician - Specialist

9. Auto Detailer 42. Insurance - Car 75. Pizza Parlor

10. Auto Mechanic 43. Insurance - Dental 76. Plumbing Service

11. Bail Bondsman 44. Insurance - Home 77. Printer (Top of Page)

12. , Bank 45. Insurance - Life 78. Recording Studio:

13. Beauty Salon 46- Insurance - Medical 79. Restaurant

14. Boutique 47. Jewelry Store 80. Restaurant Lounge

15. Carpet Cleaning 48. Landscaping 81. Shoe Store

16. Carpet Sales 49. Limousine Service 82. Sporting Goods Store

17. Caterer 50. Loans - Home 83. Storage Facility (Top of Page)

18. Chiropractor 51. Loans - Car Title 84. Tanning Salon

19. Clothing Store 52. Loans Paycheck 85. Talent Agency

20. Computer Sales 53. Locksmith 86. Tattooing Service

21. Computer Tech 54. Maid Service 87. Tax Services

22. Computer Repair 55. Mail Service 88. Thrift Shop

23. Computer Maintenance 56. Market - Grocery 89. Tire Store (Top of Page)

24. Credit Acquisition Service 57. Market - General 90. Tabacco Store

25. Credit Repair Service 58. Message 91 Towing Service

26. Credit Union 59. Mattress Store 92. Veterinarian

27. Dentist - General 60. Moving Service 93. Video/Audio Studio

28. Dental - Specialist 61. Mechanic - General 94. Video/Audio Duplication

29. Doctor - General 62. Mechanic - Specialist 95. Video Poker Lounge

30. Doctor -. Specialist 63. Muffler Shop 96. Water Store

31. Employment Service 64. Music Store 97. Wedding Chapel

32. Entertainment Service 65. Nutrition/Vitamin Store 98. Wedding Gifts

33. Entertainers 66. Office Supply Store 99. Yoga Studio (Top of Page)

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